‘Pura tea’ – a way of life

Pure Norway Water, a water purification system developed in Norway, uses the world’s cheapest water for purification and cleaning. 

The water is purified through a process known as “pura tek”. 

The system is not new, but is the latest to be tested on a scale large enough to make it a hit with local consumers, with the system making Norway one of the first countries in the world to test its purification technology in public.

“We have the world record of purity and we are confident that we can reach that level,” said Norwegians’ Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Erik Svendsen, at the launch of the system at the Norwegian Waterpark in Copenhagen.

Norway’s Ministry of Environment has also announced the first commercial tests of a pilot purification water purifying system that can be installed in homes.

The system, dubbed Pura Tea, uses water from two sources to purify the water from the city of Norrköping.

“Our water is the best in the whole world and we believe that this is a real milestone for Norway,” Svendseng said.

“Pura Tea will allow us to achieve our ambition of making Norwegiards clean water in all its aspects,” he added.

Norwegian Waterpark Norway’s new purification machine.

The system will be installed at the Oslo Waterpark and will provide customers with water at a rate of 500 litres per person per day. 

(Alfs Sørensen/Reuters)A prototype of the purification process is now being tested at the city’s water park.

The purification method involves using two water sources to separate water from polluted water.

The water is first pumped through an open-air filter, which separates the two main sources of pollution.

The filtered water is then piped into the purifier.

The process can take up to 15 minutes. 

“Our purification device uses two different types of water sources and it has a different filtration method, so that we don’t need to use the same amount of water to purification,” Svendensen said.

“The result is that we get a much higher level of purity in the water.

This is a key factor in our clean water strategy.”

In Denmark, the government has invested more than 20 billion kroner ($4.7 billion) in the development of the Pura Water Park, which was set up in 2013 and has a capacity to purifies a million litres of water a day.

In addition to being an investment, it will also provide employment for the workers who operate the purifiers.

The Pura Park’s first purification tests have already shown that the system works. 

One test showed that the water was 99.5 percent pure. 

Norway has been experimenting with a variety of water purifiers since the 1980s.

It first tested the Purorea Water Purification System in 1989, which uses water sourced from the Norway River.

Since then, the water used has been filtered and purified.

It was installed in the city center in 2003.

“The Puro Rea water purifies water in a similar way to the Pürrea water system in Denmark,” said Lars Aarberg, the project manager of the Purification project. 

Pura Water is also in the pipeline to install a pilot in Copenhagen, and is set to begin operations in 2019.

The system has also been tested in the United States, where it is currently installed in New York City.


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