Pure Water, Pure Genius: The Invention of Pure Water in Ireland

It was the same for Joe and Mary.

They bought a home with a water tank, an automatic water system, and an old electric kettle.

The system was simple, they were able to use the water, they didn’t need to go outside to use it.

“It’s not something I was expecting to have to do at all,” said Joe.

It took a year and a half to get it all working.

The water was clean and the temperature was always above zero, but it was only good for three hours a day.

It was not just a water purification device, but also a water pump.

The pumps were connected to a car battery.

“The pump was a bit of a gamble, but we got it,” said Mary.

“They said they’d give you a $50,000 loan.

And we said we could do it.”

They spent about $20,000 in a couple of months to get the system working.

But the problem with the system was that it wasn’t cheap.

“We didn’t think that we would make it, we were hoping it would work,” said the sisters.

“But we didn’t expect to spend $50 a day, a couple hundred dollars a month.”

In 2014, they started to take more risks.

They decided to go back to school and study engineering, but then the family lost their home and their savings.

They didn’t have a bank account.

“When we lost our home we were literally homeless,” said James.

“I was so scared.”

So they decided to buy a car.

The brothers had to learn how to drive a car, and they had to make the decision to pay for it with their own savings.

“That’s when the love for it started to kick in,” said Jim.

It didn’t take long before the brothers started to enjoy their hobby.

The water system had helped them to save money and save energy, and it was just a fun hobby for them to do.

But now they want to find a way to turn the hobby into something profitable.

“One day, it might become a business,” said Joseph.

“You could put it on YouTube, and people would be like, ‘You’re crazy!'”

“That kind of passion for the water has never left us,” said their father.

“A lot of people are trying to do that now.”


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