How to Make a Great Water Filter

I’ve been using a pur water filtration system for about a year now.

It works well and the filtrations are really easy to follow.

But I’ve always wondered how to make a better filter.

I’ve tried a number of things, but nothing has really panned out, so I’m trying something different.

I’ll show you how to do it and share the results.

I bought a couple of cheap plastic water bottles from a local hardware store.

I thought they looked really good, but I was wrong.

They weren’t worth the money.

The plastic water bottle had a very noticeable hole in the cap.

That hole could easily be filled with water, and if you just dumped some water in there, you’d get all the filtrates.

So I figured I’d just drill a hole in it and fill it up with water.

The first step was to figure out how much water was in each of the plastic bottles.

I went to the hardware store and found a plastic container that I could fill the hole in with.

If you have a bucket, it will hold the water.

If you don’t, you’ll have to find another way to get the water out.

You could simply dump it into a bucket or pour it into another container.

If the water level is low, you could dump the water into a small bowl.

After getting the water in, I set up the device on the counter to drain the water, so that I had a steady supply of clean water.

Then I started measuring out the filters.

I used a 1-quart plastic water filter and used the same amount of water to fill each bottle.

It took me about 10 minutes to fill up each bottle with the water from my water filtrate.

I then started to fill the water with water from the next bottle.

Then, I waited for about 10 more minutes.

Now that I have all the water I need, I can use it to clean my house.

It’s not a perfect system, but it works.

I’m very happy with the results I got.

The next step is to make the filters themselves.

I started with a few simple designs that are easy to make.

I chose the T-Shirt and T-shirt-type water filters because they are cheap and easy to work with.

But you could use a regular water filter for this purpose as well.

The T-shirts I used are a standard size, but they fit a lot better than the size the company advertised.

I also liked that they could be used for cleaning bathrooms.

I put them in a large, heavy plastic bag and hung it from a light fixture in the bathroom.

Then a hose was attached to the end of the bag and connected to a light bulb that had a timer on it.

After about a minute, the bag would open and I would have a bottle of water in the bottom.

Then I cut a hole through the bag in the middle and used a pair of scissors to cut out the tube of tubing.

The tube would go through the hole and out the other side of the top of the water filter.

This way, I could still fill the filter with water when I needed to, or clean it with a toothbrush after the process was done.

Next, I used the tube to make two smaller water filaments.

One was a tube of about 3/4-inch diameter and was used to fill a smaller bottle of filtered water.

The other was a small tube that was about 3 inches long.

The bigger tube was attached with a little tape and attached to a bottle with a lid.

I attached it to a regular bottle that I kept in my freezer, and I used that to fill my new bottle.

Finally, I put the tubes of water into the other bottle and let it drain.

After I used about an hour and a half to fill all of my filtered bottles, I decided to put them into a plastic bag to keep them in place.

The bags are pretty heavy, but after a couple hours, they would start to break down.

So after a few days of not having them, I bought a new set of plastic bags.

A water filter is a simple, simple product that works really well.

I have a few other things to do to make this system better, but this system has worked so far.


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