‘Watergate’: How the media covered the Watergate scandal

The mainstream media has always covered the scandals that were covered in the Watergate tapes.

But it’s now been over 20 years since the revelations that the media has failed to cover the events in the US.

As part of a series of investigations, we asked journalists to pick out the most interesting and compelling stories of the last 20 years in America.

Here are the top ten: Top 10 most interesting stories of 20 years: 1.

The US Supreme Court upholds the constitution in the Citizens United case (2012) 2.

‘WaterGate’ revelations (2014) 3.

A ‘watergate’ cover-up (2012, 2015) 4.

A political party of the right (2009) 5.

The ‘WaterGates’ investigation (2009, 2010) 6.

‘The Great Filter’ (2013) 7.

The rise of the ‘Water gators’ (2012; 2013) 8.

The secret police (2015) 9.

The Watergate scandal (1974) 10.

The scandal over a ‘Water Gate’ (2014, 2015, 2016) The most important part of the story is that it’s about corruption.

And the revelations about corruption are what we need to know to change the way we do business.

So we’re not going to go down this path again, because we don’t need to.

This time we have the chance to start a revolution.

The power of transparency We know that if we are honest about our business, the public and politicians, we can change the world.

But we don�t know that, because the media is so dominated by vested interests and politicians.

We need to be honest about the truth.

And we need transparency.

So, let’s be honest.

Transparency is the best way to go.

Here’s what we found.

Transparency was not the best use of the news media resources.

As we explained in our previous piece, the media in the UK, the US, Canada and Australia are heavily biased towards the establishment.

And yet, we’re told by them that transparency is the way to keep secrets.

Transparency has been the cornerstone of the media since the 1920s.

In a democracy, you don�ll have a system of laws that protects the public from abuse of power and from being exploited by the powerful.

Transparency makes the system work better.

It enables the people to know what their government is doing and to vote with their feet and to speak out.

In the United States, for example, in the years after 9/11, we witnessed the emergence of a new type of democracy, one that was based on the principle of transparency.

We saw a new way of doing politics that brought a lot of people together.

But there were still some people who would go against the system and oppose the establishment, and they would use the media to undermine the democratic process.

And, in doing so, they helped to undermine democracy itself.

Transparency as a way of getting results is the most important.

Transparency allows people to see the truth and to be informed.

But, in some cases, we see this being used as a tool of power.

In 2008, the New York Times and The Washington Post reported on the secret US government program called Project Veritas.

It is designed to smear critics of President George W Bush and his administration.

The program was designed to discredit people who had written critically about the Bush administration, including investigative journalist Daniel Ellsberg, who was arrested for trying to leak information to journalists about the Vietnam War.

And it was used against Ellsenberg and other journalists who had published critical stories about the war.

We know from the Wikileaks cables that the Obama administration also used the Project Verita program.

Wikileaks released thousands of documents that exposed corruption in the Department of State and the Department and that the Bush Administration used to smear the independent press.

In other words, the American people deserve to know that they have the truth about what’s happening in the United State government.

Transparency will help the American public to know how government is actually working.

It will enable the American press to report honestly and objectively.

Transparency in journalism is important.

And transparency in government is crucial.

The media in general, and the mainstream media in particular, is a powerful force for corruption in our society.

We can’t let that be ignored.

We must take a strong stance against corruption in journalism and government.

So what should the media do?

There are three ways to fight corruption in news and in government.

First, we must make journalism more transparent.

Journalism is the only way to be truly informed.

It’s the only medium that enables us to understand the world in a real way.

We have to use journalism as a weapon against the powerful and the corrupt.

We should not only be the most open, but also the most transparent.

Journalists need to reveal what is going on with their sources.

This means they need to explain how the information is being shared, the funding of the reporting, how much it


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