Which Japanese brand will be the next to win the Pure Water World Championship?

Pure Water, the maker of water purifiers, has secured its first world title in the Pure Waters world title, with its “Pure Water Platinum” water purifier taking the top prize in the world, according to the official Pure Water website.

The brand’s water purification technology has been praised by some as being one of the world’s most advanced.

The company has been using the technology to clean the water of sewage in Japan’s Tokyo.

It is also a major purifier in other countries, including South Korea and Australia, according a Pure Water spokesman.

“We are proud to have won the Pure water world title and we look forward to the competition with our fans,” said Makoto Yamashita, CEO of Pure Water.

The Pure Water Platinum is designed to purify water that is less than 2% distilled water by filtering it and filtering out any impurities.

“Our Pure Water Pure Water Aqua Purifier is the perfect machine for purifying water that you need for everyday activities,” the PureWater spokesman added.

“The Pure Waters Platinum Pure Water Purifier will give you the pure and clear taste of water that comes from our Pure Waters’ brand and our water purifying process,” the spokesman added, noting the Purewater Platinum purifies water at up to 20% purity.

The Japanese company was founded in 2006 and has made its mark with its purification technologies.

In 2016, it won the top honour in the International Pure Water Challenge, which was held by PureWater.

In the Pure waters Platinum purifier, the Pure Rivers technology is also used.

“Pure Waters Platinum is a purified water purizer with the unique Pure Waters Aqua Pure Water purifier,” the company said in a statement.

In Japan, the industry is a rapidly growing one, with the government supporting companies to develop their products and set the standard for clean water products.”

We have developed our Pure Water Aquaponics system to deliver a pure and pure taste of pure water to our customers and we hope that our Pure water Aquaponic technology will have a huge impact on the water industry,” the spokesperson added.

In Japan, the industry is a rapidly growing one, with the government supporting companies to develop their products and set the standard for clean water products.

Earlier this year, Japan became the first country to ban the import of any raw sewage.

Japan’s Environment Minister said he is also planning to introduce a “clean water” law that will ban the use of raw sewage and the production of raw wastewater in the country, which has more than 50% of the global population.

“I am now considering to introduce legislation to make the use and production of waste products in Japan mandatory, to clean up the country’s polluted waterways,” Environment Minister Hirokazu Tanaka said in December.


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