How to drink water without worrying about the chlorine

A new water purification technology developed in South Korea is designed to make water purifying even simpler and cheaper than traditional methods.

The technology, which is still in development, purifies water from seawater with no chemicals, leaving behind a clean and pure water that’s less likely to get contaminated by bacteria.

In the past, people had to use chemicals to cleanse their water.

“This is a way of using water to clean up and purify it,” the researchers wrote in the journal Nature Communications.

While water purifiers have existed for years, the new technology takes the idea to a whole new level.

This is the first time a purification process using seawater has been shown to be scalable and efficient, the researchers said.

It’s a big step forward, as the original water purifier was a massive effort, using huge amounts of electricity and manpower.

Water purification is not something you can do with a regular household appliance, which means it’s often a hassle to keep the water in a constant state of purity.

To make water more accessible to people, researchers at Seoul National University, South Korea, created a new purification system using seaweed and seawater that purifies the water at a similar rate to regular water.

The seaweed has a unique mechanism that helps the seaweed produce more hydrogen sulfide, which has a high amount of water.

When seaweed is mixed with seawater, it forms a liquid.

Researchers are using seaweeds to create the new seaweed-based water purifications system that purges the water, instead of the water containing chlorine.

They said it’s possible to purify seaweed at a much lower cost than using chemicals and a traditional water purizer, and they hope to expand their technology to other materials.

We’ve been using seawood to make micro-wattage water systems for decades, but it’s only recently that this technology has really become possible, said Dr. Sung Yoon-hee, a researcher in the research group at the institute.

These types of technologies have the potential to reduce the amount of harmful substances that enter water.

The process of purifying seawater can be done quickly and efficiently, which allows for much more sustainable use of water resources, he added.

According to the study, the seaweeds that the team used were genetically modified to produce enzymes that allow seaweed to convert hydrogen sulfides into hydrogen peroxide, which helps the enzymes to break down hydrogen sulfidic acids, which can also be harmful.

A study published in the same journal showed that using seawed seaweed can help reduce CO2 emissions by more than 50 percent, and in the future, researchers may be able to make seaweed carbonate that would also remove harmful substances.

Even more exciting, this new technology could help reduce the consumption of plastic in the ocean.

The seaweed uses seaweed as a filter to clean water.


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