How to avoid water fluoridation, the dangers and the good news

Water fluoridation is a controversial practice which has been widely promoted and used in the USA and the UK.

This is not only because of the long term effects of fluoride on dental health, but also because it is an expensive, ineffective and harmful practice.

Water fluoridated water has been linked to many diseases and conditions including the following: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, bone fractures, osteoporosis, thyroid disorders, diabetes, cancer and even autism.

Many people think that water fluoridated drinking water is safe, however, research shows that water is not safe.

In fact, water fluorosis is the fifth leading cause of preventable death worldwide.

Water fluorosis and water fluoridation are also linked to the following diseases: brain cancer, kidney failure, pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer, liver cancer, heart disease, asthma, stroke, diabetes and other chronic conditions.

As we continue to fight for a safe water source for our children and grandchildren, we need to be vigilant and take action against water fluorides.

It is time for the public to wake up to the risks of water fluorids and water fluoride poisoning.

If we are going to continue to fluoridate water, we must do so safely.

The world is on the cusp of water scarcity, and the water supply is under increasing pressure.

The consequences of water shortage are dire.

Water scarcity can be catastrophic, as it causes water shortages and water prices to skyrocket.

As a result, many people have decided to stop using water fluoridates, including those who have been fluoridated in the past.

The following are the key water fluoride contaminants that are commonly found in drinking water: fluoride, sodium chloride, sodium fluoride, magnesium fluoride, chloride, calcium fluoride, and potassium fluoride.

What can I do to prevent water fluorization?

Many people have chosen to stop drinking water fluoridate because they think it is safe.

However, there is no safe level of fluoride exposure and there is a risk of permanent damage to the health of your teeth and the health and teeth of your children.

Water fluoride can be harmful to your teeth if you swallow it.

It can cause dental fluorosis.

Water can cause other problems, including tooth decay, tooth damage and decay, and enamel erosion.

As long as water is in your system, there will be a risk to your health and that of your child.

You should also avoid drinking water containing any of the following fluoridated ingredients: fluoride (PO4), sodium fluoride (NaF), magnesium fluoride (Mg), calcium fluoride (CaF), potassium fluoride (Kg) or chloroform (CCl 4 ).

Water has been added to the US drinking water supply for decades and is one of the most commonly used and used products.

This means that the levels of water in our water supply are increasing and people are increasingly choosing to avoid drinking this water.

If you are concerned about your water supply and you are not drinking fluoridated tap water, there are a few steps you can take to help you avoid drinking fluoridated water.

For example, you can reduce the amount of fluoride you consume and you can choose a fluoride-free drinking water source.

You can also take steps to prevent and reduce water fluoridity by drinking tap water with a low level of water fluoride.


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