Why you should buy Pure Water Glass instead of Pur Water

The price of pure water is rising rapidly.

And while it’s no surprise that water prices are rising, the water glass industry is looking to counter the trend by lowering the price of their own.

“When we’re in a market, you need to have price parity,” said Ben Hagen, the founder and CEO of Pure Water, in an interview with Business Insider.

Hagen founded Pure Water in 2014 with a goal of selling water glass that is priced at $2, but his company is now selling it at $1.99.

He says that price point is good because consumers want to buy water glass with as much transparency as possible, which is why Pure Water has partnered with companies like Pure Quartz and Pure Crystal.

Harnen told Business Insider that the price difference makes water glass a perfect choice for the consumer who wants to avoid the high price of regular water glass.

“I think it’s going to be really successful because it’s so much more transparent,” Hagen said.

The company is also using an algorithm to find cheaper, pure water.

For instance, the company uses the average price of a water bottle to compare prices.

When it comes to the price, Hagen says that the “average price of water glass is the same across the world, so it’s very easy to spot.”

Pure Water sells water glasses at a price that is about $2.50, but when it comes time to buy, the customer has to be able to find a price on their own that is below $2 and get the product.

“They’re going to have to look at what is the best price for them,” Harnens said.

“You’re not going to get a customer who is buying a product that is $2 because they don’t want to spend $2.”

The company has seen a similar trend in other markets.

The price drop that has happened in the water glasses industry has also been met with mixed reviews from consumers.

Some people love the product, others are not convinced and the company is hoping that its products will appeal to everyone.

“If you like the idea of making your own glass, then we are just the perfect partner,” Hansen said.

He added that Pure Water is still testing the pricing of its water glass products, but said that the company plans to increase the price as the demand grows.

“We’re seeing people buying water glasses for the first time, and we’re just hoping to sell them as many as possible as fast as we can,” Høgnes told Business News Today.


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