Which brand of water is the best to change your shampoo and conditioner?

puro Premium water has been the preferred brand for years, but now it appears to be changing with the introduction of Pure Water.

The company is offering a new range of Pure water products, including Pure shampoo and Pure conditioner, at a discounted price of $6.99 for men and $7.99 (for women) per bottle.

The Pure water is made of water extracted from the earth in Peru and then filtered and distilled into water.

It contains no artificial colourings, artificial flavours or preservatives, and is available in 12 colours.

“The Pure Water line is our answer to the challenge of ensuring the highest quality of ingredients, ingredients that are not harmful to your health, and ingredients that provide a high level of protection against microbial contaminants,” said co-founder and chief executive of puro, Peter Grew, in a statement.

“This range of products is designed to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst avoiding unnecessary products and cleaning.”

The Pure shampoo has an organic feel, with the brand’s proprietary ingredients that include organic grapefruit juice, organic coconut oil and organic lemon balm.

It contains organic coconut, organic mango, organic papaya, organic strawberry and organic coconut palm oils.

“Pure shampoo and Conditioner is formulated with 100% natural ingredients, which are free of preservatives or artificial colours,” puro said.

“To achieve a truly natural shampoo and conditioning experience, we have incorporated the natural oils and organic flavours of our favourite citrus fruit, pomegranate, which is grown in the Pampas and other indigenous regions in Peru.”

We’ve used the best ingredients and ingredients sourced from the best places to create a shampoo and body of conditioner that will help you to maintain your appearance and stay healthy.

“A new Pure shampoo range, Pure Conditioner, is also available at a discount price of about $5.99 per bottle and is the first time that the brand has introduced a Pure shampoo at this price point.

A new range Pure shampoo, Pure conditioners, will also be available in Canada starting next month.

The brand is not revealing the exact retail price yet, but will likely offer the shampoo at $5 for men, $7 for women and $10 for men under the Pure shampoo price tag.


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